Pet Food Recall: Treats And More Wet Food Added

Del Monte Pet Products is recalling a number of brands of treats and canned food. They list the specific lots of Jerky Treats, Gravy Train Beef Sticks, Pounce Meaty Morsels, Ol’ Roy Treats, Dollar General Treats, and Happy Tails Jerky Strips included in the recall. The specific lots of canned food affected by the recall are also listed and include: Ol’ Roy and Happy Tails brands.

You can find out much more on the recall on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

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  1. Oh My God, It is getting worse and worse. My beautiful orange tabby, Sparky stopped eating and I had to have him put down. I think this bad food thing has been going on for a lot longer than we know. I really believe now that it has killed a lot of our pets. This is truly a nightmare for all pet lovers. I would give anything to have my Sparky cat back. Julie

  2. Thank you for posting this information. It takes a long time to sift through the websites to find out which foods are being affected. I have pulled my dog off of any food, dry or wet and treats that are being distributed by the companies involved. I wish though there was some way to see which distributers get their ingredients from MenuFoods? Also is MenuFoods the only company getting the affected wheat gluten?

  3. Julie, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s heartbreaking. I think there have been real problems with the pet food industry for a long time and it can be really difficult to find good information. I’m so sorry about Sparky.

    Jennifer, I’m glad I could help. I’ll be posting information on safe pet foods and one reason they’re safer is because these companies are more forthcoming about where they source their ingredients and what those ingredient are. It can be hard to get balanced information and I hope the upcoming post will help in that area too.

  4. Julie, I’m sooo sorry about Sparky.It is really sad when you can’t feed your pets food without worrying if it’s going to hurt them or not. I have decided not to feed my dog’s pet food. I will be feeding them rice and tuna until this problem get’s fixed.To everyone else that has lost a pet due to this, I am so sorry for your loss as well.

  5. I examined all the labels on my cat food & discarded ANYTHING that contained ‘wheat gluten’. Better safe than sorry — it may be safe today, but it seems the list keeps growing!

    My condolences to anyone that has lost a pet.

  6. if you recently bought “everpet”dog snacks variety dog biscuits from the dollar general stores do not feed them to your dogs.the dog snacks contain peanut flour and peanutbutter paste made at the blakely georgia plant.lot number-5984400015 19 oz 1 lb 3 oz box.

  7. i have lost 6 pups and im scared im going to lose 1 of my adult dogs due to bad ever pet food at dollar general under no circumstances feed your pet everpet dogfood we have lost 6 pups in a weeks time due to bad food and i am pissed because as a pet lover and breeder now im going to have to be involved in a law suit over this dollar general knew this has been going on for a while and its killing our pets and they continue to sell it what the hell is going on with them and this food

  8. This message is for Jessica Toler,

    If you lost your pups this year, 2009, please get in touch with me. I write for a large dog site and have been doing a series of articles on what appears to be a major problem in the pet food industry. We can help each other.
    email me:

  9. I purchased some everpet at the dollar general yesterday to get by until today. At first my two miniature dacshunds would not eat it, but after about 30 minutes they gave in. Withing minutes the male was vomiting and the girl’s bowels are like watery mud. I went to feed them this evening to see if I could get them to eat something. I had purchased Petigree today, but I decided to use the Everpet to get rid of it. I did not know that is why they were sick. This time, I was making their dishes instead of my son. When I went to scoop it out and cut it with the spoon, hundred of tiny tiny worms bursted out from the food. Horrified I opened the other can, I found the exact same thing. I have taken a video and have the can. When I tried to contact the Dollar General they hung up on me!

  10. I have recently lost 3 Daschunds and 1 litter of puppies. My dad takes care of these dogs while I work. We have a small Kennel. We started trying to figure out what the deal was, because the day before they were fine. The only thing different that we had done was that my dad purchased a bag of everpet to get us through the week until I could get there original food that we feed them. I didn’t know about this until I found this post. I am outraged, I have lost my dogs and money that was tied up in them.


  12. We have 2 Dachunds, Jazz & Indy. Jazz was 5 years old and Indy his mother is 7. I started feeding them Everpet 3 months ago. In December one morning I was letting them out of the cage, they are caged at night, and Jazz could not use his hind legs and he started having seizures and would not drink or eat. I took him to the vet and they said that it was common in this breed to have back problems. I have had this breed all my life and never saw this in them. 3 days later Jazz died of Kidney failure. One week later Indy stopped using her hind legs as well. I threw away Everpet and started feeding her Tuna/ chicken breast mix with a little chicken broth and homemade veggie soup. She perked right back up! But she still has not gained control of her hind legs yet and I fear she never will. I will never feed my pets any brand of dogfood again. Canned tuna and canned chicken breast is relatively cheap in bulk as well as chicken broth and everyone loves homemade veggie soup. For large breeds it would be expensive, but for small breeds the cost is comparable as I feed once a day to maintain her weight.

  13. my little pug has been having seizures ever since i gave her everpet mini dogs… she has had 6 today

  14. I have fed my dogs Everpet dog food since the middle of last summer. They were just fine on it until they changed the formula. The chunks were made bigger and just looked cheap. As a chihuahua breeder, the tiny bites were perfect for their little mouthes. Recently all of our dogs had gotten violently ill. Puking and watery bowels…my favorite (my DOG) BoBo died a few days ago and 3 more are badly ill. Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit I could get involved in? Or is anyone here willing to help start one? I am pissed about my dog dieing and feel that something should be done before more die! I will NEVER BUY EVERPET FOOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Im sorry to hear about everyones losses. I feel like I have lost a child!!!

  15. I too have fed my dogs everpet my chiwawahs Have the runs alot on this stuff so I have alternate them between a dry dog food and everpet.
    My hound dog got an abcess in her throat and had to have it drained was in the hospital in crockett
    sent home began to eat again and Like an unexperience mom I gave her the everpet
    She started eating again the everpet canned variety
    than she quit eating began drinking huge amounts of water
    so much water I could not keep her bowl filled.
    She would not eat. again to the vet who told me shes a diabetic her glucose 700 lucky to be alive.
    two more days in the hospital IVs and back home
    she got better I alternated the everpet not realizing it was the everpet that could be the source of it all.

    She stopped eating again!
    Back to the vets who ordered Hill country a/d critical care
    on this her blood glucose was 100-167 maintained.
    It was a whooping 1.50 per can I already had over 1000.00 in bills from the vet.
    To save money I purchased the everpet again Im BLONDE
    Than as I took her glucose a whooping 500 through the roof
    Than it dawned on me I could not give her everpet!
    Could the everpet had made my Pet a diabetic? She now has to take 5-10 units of insulin Iv twice a day. She has lost weight she went from 67 pounds to 47 pounds and I have to feed her three times a day by syringe she will not eat!
    Tears run down my face as I force feed her daily.
    Everpet Anyone?

  16. Wait a minute now, ya’ll are REALLY scaring me, because some of you have posted this year….What is going on here???? Is the cat/dog food still NOT good? We had to put down Mr. Meow in December (he was fine one day and the next, he couldnt move, he had a fever and his breathing was off), Bubble Gum had back to back seizures one day and is now on meds for the rest of her life, Little Girl now has to get shots every month because she hibernates, doesnt eat much, sneezes, pulls out her hair and has been throwing up a lot and Duma is more of a hunter and he just nibbles at the food, but he has been throwing up as well. All of this has taken place since December of 2010….Wait a minute, one of my dogs likes to eat the cat food and he has been throwing up a lot lately too.

    So, WHAT is in the food that is making the furbabies sick? Someone PLEASE email me ASAP with that answer, because Im calling my vet about this. (please put EVERPET in the subject)Thank you…..

  17. I lost one of my dogs Buddy dachshund/basset mix two weeks ago and am pretty sure it was the food. He started throwing up blood and died. My other dogs refused to eat the food until I changed brands. I am trying to find somewhere to get the food tested. I am wanting to see about a class action lawsuit or getting one started.

  18. OMG!!!! we bought everpet dog food (dry) from dollar general till we could get into town to get the normal brand we feed our dogs…….last night when i fed them,they acted like they didnt want to eat it but they did and tonight when i came home from work they both had been sick in their kennels (which NEVER happens) digger our lab/huskey mix is worse than maddie our boxer/pit mix. he had the runs so bad his back side was bleeding. after hearing this im wondering if i should call the vets office. they both seem to be feeling a little better but neither want to eat or drink. If someone puts together a law suit….i want to be contacted these two dogs are like my kids and i dont like the fact that they could have been poisoned.

  19. is there a class action lawsuit for this dog food? My dogs have all been getting sick since the recent change in the dollar general dog food.

  20. We have been feeding our 2 pet bulls ever pet dry dog food from the Dollar General store, Wednesday night ( night before Thanksgiving) we went to feed them, one of them Scrappy was already dead, the other Tyson was verily hanging in their , it was so helpless, because there was nothing we could do. It’s sad and hard when you lose one animal but 2 at the same time, we first wondered if someone had not killed them , but than I thought could something been wrong with that bag of food I had just bought. & yes if anyone does lawsuit I would like to know . we still have what was left in bowl and the bag.

  21. We bought a box of dog bisquits and most of the box was burnt so badly I would not even give them to my dogs I would like a reply to this situtation . I bought the box at Dollar General and have bought them in the past and never had a problem until now Thank -You

  22. I also have had a pet that has died and my assumptions has always been the everpet food I bought her when funds were low. Had her for 16 years. She was at the vet every month for checkups etc. One day she was eating and drinking and she collapsed. After 24 hours of her not being able to walk, I took her to the vet and they stated she had internal bleeding in her intestines.

    No way to know for sure I guess. But I just have a “feeling”


  24. I think the treats themselves are made in china , the bag was probably made in usa.

  25. We lost 9yr. old Chihuahua last week after she ate some of the EverPet Basics cat food(Salmon & Tuna Flavor). Yesterday our inside cat ate some from the same bag and she died. We put 2&2 together , it was the cat food! I am taking the bag to the Dollar Store in Inglis, Florida were we bought it from! The code on the bag we have is, 7015514218. Best by 08 July 2014.

  26. I too, have been buying this everpet, my baby seems sick and sleeps all the time, I thought she was depressed but it is getting worse, I am so sick to hear this, and going to buy the best food for her and hope it is not to late…………..

  27. Our dog was a healthy beautiful dog, we began feeding her everpet because my husband had been out of work. She began losing weight and became smaller and smaller. We buried her last week, we had her for 9 years. Our home is not the same. We had no idea it was the food. Something has to be done about these companies.

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