Pet Food Recall: Wal-Mart Dog Treats, Menu Foods Now Includes More Dates

Dog biscuits sold by Wal-Mart under the Ol’ Roy brand are now included in the recall and Menu Foods has extended their recall. It now includes foods made between November 8th and March 6th. The recall previously only went back to December 3rd. They are also including 20 additional varieties, but not any new brands.

Sunshine Mills is the manufacturer of the Wal-Mart Ol’ Roy dog biscuits. (Sunshine Mills’ site may be having trouble coping with increased traffic.) Update: Sunshine Mills now has the recalled biscuits listed. You should know they also make several other pet treats (Crunchin’ Bones, Dr. Dental Chews, Gym Bones, Meaty Treats Jerky, Puffs N’ Purrs, & Pup Corn) and apparently several pet foods (Lassie Natural Way, Buttons and Bows(Cat), Canine Principle, Feline Principle, Field Trial, Cat Cafe, Chatham(Dog), Chatham(Cat), Hunter’s Special, Sportsman’s Pride, Thrifty(Dog & Cat), Nurture, and World Pet Foods).

You can find out much more on the recall on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

2 Replies to “Pet Food Recall: Wal-Mart Dog Treats, Menu Foods Now Includes More Dates”

  1. Sarah,

    Thanks for the list of premium dog foods. I’ve fed Wellness to one of my dogs for years now and I love the quality. My other two dogs are on Hills Prescription foods for heart and kidney problems. I agree that vets really push that brand, and it annoys me, but for my dogs the food has helped their bloodwork stabilize. For dogs without specific health problems, the premium brands are the way to go.
    I’m a new subscriber to your blog and look forward to new updates.

  2. I am a pet owner and i would like to say you for this recall before any dogs get sick and die. I just wish our government do the same to protect us against tainted food and products.

    Harold moore

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