Pet Food Recall: Why The FDA Both Sucks And Blows…Again

I’ve tried to stay pretty even tempered about this nightmare of a recall so I can navigate the snarl of information out there and post what you need to know, but the FDA’s latest press conference has just about pushed me over the edge. I am so incredibly angry, it’s beyond words.

Please read what the very informative people at PetConnection have written about this joke of a press conference. It’s important. The FDA is supposed to be working for us. Protecting us. But they so clearly are not. They are working for those companies that import cheap, deadly crap from China. And they work for those pet food companies that used it. And they are protecting all of them and themselves.

The FDA regulates our food, drugs, medical devices, biologics (vaccines), animal feed & drugs, cosmetics, radiation-emitting devices (like cell phones), and “combination products“. Feel safer? Me either.

So today is Friday. Any bets as to how many late night press releases there are tonight just in time weekend? I’m guessing we’ll hear from the last two companies Wilbur-Ellis sold tainted rice protein concentrate to. I’ll be really glad when there aren’t anymore late night press releases and there aren’t several things to cover about the recall every day.

You can find out much more on the recall on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

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