Pet Food Recall: List Of Foods Involved, FDA

Many different brands of cat and dog food are being recalled due to reports of kidney failure and deaths. These foods were manufactured by one company named Menu Foods, but sold under a great number of different brand names so you need to check if your brand is listed. You can find information about the specific foods recalled by the manufacturer for cats and for dogs. Here is information on the Purina foods involved, the Hill’s foods involved, and the Iams/Eukanuba foods involved. If you suspect your pet has had problems after eating these foods, the FDA lists phone numbers for each state where you can report your complaint.

You can find out much more on the recall on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

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  1. My dogs have been eating old roys dog biscuits for a year or so now. My small dog one day last month all of a sudden had a large lump. Ended up cancer and his leg had ato be amputated. Nothing else showed anywhere. I am now wondering if it was possible from this contamination….

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