Rez Dogs—A Documentary

Rez Dogs is a great documentary about a very complex issue.  Our dog, Saffron, was a stray on the Yakama Reservation in central Washington and because of her, I’ve tried to become more educated about Rez Dogs.  This documentary wasn’t easy to watch, but I think it’s important to know what’s going on and to try to understand the issues.  (via our good friend Holly & her 3 awesome Rez Dogs)

I think poverty is at the root of the problem and until that changes, Rez Dogs will have a hard life.  An understandable distrust of outsiders doesn’t help either.  Animal control services on reservation are often underfunded or non-existant.  Can you imagine running a shelter with $300 dollars worth of supplies per year?  This problem isn’t unique to Reservations either.  Many places with over-taxed, crumbling, or non-existant municipal infrastructures have problems with stray dogs—Russia, Iraq, Mexico, India, Bulgaria, etc.  Please click below to watch Rez Dogs.

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