We Like: The MouseRat Cat Toy

mouserat.jpgRaven, The Director of Feline Toy Testing, at PetProject has long loved the MouseRat by MetPet (scroll to bottom). MetPet has three Classes of FlyToys—there are some really neat looking ones. New MouseRats make Raven growl. She will “request” vigorously and endlessly that we play with her, if we happen to even be in the room where the toy lives on top of a shelf. She absolutely does not like Sage, her co-worker, to play with the MouseRat. It is hers and we’d best remember it!

The MouseRat and the other FlyToys from MetPet are made the same way flies are tied for fly fishing, minus the hook of course. The MouseRat is made from deer hair, which Raven loves. They are very durable and last a long time. You need to put them away when not in use. They come on nylon line and an acrylic rod. We actually prefer a longer piece of lighter weight line, so I retrofit mine with fishing line.

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