24hr Airport Pet Kennel


A 24 hour a day pet kennel will be opening adjacent to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport to serve travelers and their pets. It won’t matter when your flight leaves or gets in—you’ll be able to drop off or pick up your pet anytime. And best of all, it will be owned and operated by the Animal Humane Society (for Minneapolis/St. Paul).

It will be a full service facility with training, grooming, and massage available. There will also be a therapy pool, heated floors, and TVs for the cats. In addition, travelers boarding their pets at the facility will be able to park their car there and take a shuttle to the airport. The Animal Humane Society will benefit from boarding fees and parking fees and will be better able to serve animals in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I like the idea of the Animal Humane Society running the business rather than some corporation who may be less concerned with the safety and comfort of the animals. I know a common complaint about kennels is there are too many dogs with too few people, which can lead to fights, medications not given, special diets not followed, little or no time out of a crate, and over-stressed dogs. I would feel much safer leaving our dog Saffron at a kennel run by our local Humane Society than some kennel that’s part of a chain.

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  1. WOW who can afford to spend from $29 to $39 a day boarding,
    $11 a day parking
    9$ Daycare
    $5 – $8 for 15 or 30 min play time
    $3 treats
    $4 kong w/treats

    The spa and pool items didn’t give prices

    I wonder how many people work there for the 96 “suites” they have and how many “other” animals they board.

    It’s good that the proceeds are helping the shelter but there can’t be much left after paying for the building, employees and special programs.

    I found this strange to be promoting for a kennel: Your pet gets daily maid service and round-the-clock beverage service. (In other words, your pet’s space is cleaned and sanitized daily, and there is 24-hour access to fresh water).
    Isn’t it a natural thing for the animals to be given water and have a clean kennel?

    I’ve used Al’s Boarding kennels for 13 years and have never seen the compaints you write about. Granted Al’s is not a chain kennel, they are a 30-year-old family kennel, same owners and dogs that go there their entire life like mine.

    Before anyone puts their animal in any kennelt hey need to visit the kennel, look at the price for all services, make sure the place is clean, the animals are happy, the animals are safe and secure and the people working with the animals really know pets and can handle anything that might arise. Make sure the caretakers love animals and will care for them the same as they would their own.

    I don’t think the new airport kennel can offer much for one on one attention and I know they will not devolope a bond with your dog like I’ve seen happen at Al’s. Look Al’s up online or in the phone book.

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