Alex Off The Chain

Instead of a a Friday Fun video, I’m sharing a remarkable video of a dog being freed from being chained to a fence for his entire life.

The guy rescuing Alex is Steve Markwell, founder and executive director of Olympic Animal Sanctuary.  Olympic Animal Sanctuary is a unique organization that takes dogs who have been deemed dangerous, that won’t be accepted by any animal shelters, and/or that are going to be destroyed because of behavior.  Steve is giving these dogs a home for the rest of their life and working on their fears & reactivity to make that life as good as possible. (note: Steve is also my cousin)

Please don’t chain your dog and do something about dogs you see that are chained—contact animal control, animal welfare groups, or anti-chaining groups.  Support legislation banning the chaining or tethering of dogs.

5 Replies to “Alex Off The Chain”

  1. awesome video. Powerful. Thanks for all you do. I have shared this to my facebook page. Shame on any that chain their dog(s)

  2. Wow. That is incredible to see. I am so grateful there are people like Steve out there making the world a better place for these dogs.

  3. I am so happy Alex is off the chain and grateful for people like Steve who care. To the people who chain their dogs: DON’T DO IT – BRING YOUR PET INSIDE AND ENJOY THEIR COMPANIONSHIP AND MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR YOUR PET!

  4. awesome! what a beautiful dog, too. you could see the lovable puppy in him as soon as he had some affectionate contact.

  5. There’s a special place in heaven for people like Steve. WHY do people do that to their dogs?

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