DIY: Oil Cloth Dog Raincoat

oilclothraincoatIt’s still raining here in the Pacific Northwest.  So this post is trying to look on the bright side, find the silver lining, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.  If the weather still stinks where you are, check out this fun Oil Cloth Dog Raincoat.

It’s pretty simple.  You’ll need to make your own pattern according to your dog’s measurements or you could use this pattern with a collar or this pattern. You don’t have to do the rickrack and I don’t think I’d put a treat pouch on it, lest it drive your dog nuts to have treats follow her around yet be out of reach.  It would be like having a cupcake stuck to the middle of your back, you know?

You can also make your own travel bowl using oil cloth.

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  1. Our dogs are working dogs and the winter rain season can be very cold while on guard duty. The oil cloth seems to be best as something else will be much colder when wet.

    will try it.

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