Dog Bite Prevention Week

So many dog bites can be prevented if people just understood a little more about dog behavior, which in turn means there could be far fewer injuries to people and far fewer dogs killed.  Remember, any dog can bite.

Another important thing to remember is that our behavior is based on simian behavior, while dogs’ behavior is very different and very canine.  One of the most striking differences is how we hug & kiss other humans.  In the canine world, just about everything about a hug and a kiss is extremely rude and potentially threatening—forced face-to-face contact, wrapping your arms around them, squeezing them, etc.  Dogs prefer to approach each other more from the side instead of face on, putting a paw on the back of another dog (unless in play) is really pushy, holding another dog down (unless in play & they take turns) is also pushy and rude.  That’s what our simian hugging and kissing is to a dog.  Most of our amazing dogs learn to tolerate our rude behavior, but not all of them do and even the ones that have may react if they’re stressed, scared, or injured.

Let’s take the opportunity of Dog Prevention Week to educate others and even ourselves.  Talk to your kids, grandkids, neighbors, mail carrier, UPS person, etc.

Here are some of my favorite resources:

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