Dog Trainer Preforms CPR On Dog

I’m really disturbed by this story and not for the reason you might think.  Tiffany Kauth and her dog, Sugar, were taking a dog training class when Sugar stopped breathing.  Trainer Ron Pace had someone start filming what happened so they could show a vet and when it became clear Sugar was in danger, Pace began pressing on Sugar’s chest to try to revive him.  Pace is being hailed a hero by just about everyone.

What bothers me is wondering what was happening before Sugar collapsed.  I became concerned when I realize Sugar is wearing a choke chain, and when I paused the video to make sure, it was clear the choke chain was also way too small for Sugar.  I’ve seen first hand and read about enough abuses of  “leash and collar” training, that I know those abuses can can choke a dog until it loses consciousness or dies.  Obviously, I wasn’t there when Sugar stopped breathing, so I don’t know what was happening before the video starts, but I sure would like to know.

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