George, The Jack Russell, Saves Children


George, a brave little Jack Russell in New Zealand, showed just how much courage can be packed into a little terrier body. When two aggressive, unrestrained pit bulls lunged at the group of children he was with, George tried to protect the children by barking at and charging the much larger dogs, allowing the children to escape and get help. Heartbreakingly, George was too badly injured to be saved himself. I know there are a lot of people who share their lives with terriers and who know just how fiercely protective they can be despite their small size—give them some extra love today.

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  1. I own a little JR and this story about George made ma quite teary. He was so very brave.

    R.I.P. George

  2. I also have a JRT, named Tom.I am in my mid 40’s, but i cried buckets over this. How brave and how proud Mr.Gay must be. But the loss is to painful to imagine! Big dog in a little body. My condolences to Mr.Gay from my dog and me! George will never be forgotten, I love him if he was my own! George always in my heart, love you lots matey!My most kindest regards, Love you lots, Richard and Tomdog X.

  3. A true little hero with a Lion’s heart!!! Thank God he was there that day to save those children…rest in peace…George.

  4. I have read this story many times and it moves me to tears. I have a Jack Russell named Guy. He was a rescue dog that I adopted on Valentines Day six years ago. Actually I think Guy and my 2 other dogs rescued me- I am Bipolar. They have been better than any meds I have taken and love me no matter what. I would be lost without them. They have not only my best friends but also my best teachers.

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