Michael Vick’s Dogs Today

pitpuppyengland-copy.jpgSports Illustrated has a good article on several of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels.  Many of these dogs have really blossomed in foster homes, while others still have a lot to overcome.  Jasmine, in particular, is a dog absolutely gripped by fear, but she is making progress thanks to a dedicated foster mom.

Our dog, Saffron, had big fear issues when we adopted her.  I know how much work it takes to build a dog’s confidence and I know how wonderful it is when that dog reaches each new milestone.

Maybe Michael Vick’s dogs will help change the image of the pit bull and society will stop blaming the breed.  Check out the great gallery of these dogs living the happy lives they deserve.

Michael Vick could be released to a halfway house as early as January 2009 and is also filing for bankruptcy. You can read more about the history of the Vick case.

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  1. We can and should do so much more for the animals we call our companions. We take them in and then discard them into shelters where they will likely be killed, yes even adoptable ones! We must open our eyes. Pit Bulls are just like any other dog, yet they are first to death at most shelters. We must go NO-KILL, Adopt Don’t Shop, and do more to promote programs aimed at rehabing these animals instead of killing them. MOST Shelters KILL the animals that they say they are protecting at a rate that can be broken down to one every six seconds in the United States alone. This is seen as a necessary evil, we are very mustaken. Every animal should be given every chance at life possible. Michael Vick should be banned from the NFL completely and we should shut down these GARBAGE puppy mills! Thank you for your news, I am always encouraged by those who care about the plight of animals.

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