Noble The Dog

Canine Assistants and Milk Bone partnered on Facebook to follow the progress of a golden retriever named Noble as he went from puppy to service dog.   Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing service dogs, companion dogs, & seizure alert dogs to those who need them.

Well, Noble is all grown up now and has been matched with Sam Farr, a 23 yr. old Marine who was paralyzed in a car accident.  I can only imagine what it means for someone to be given one of these special dogs—independence, friendship, confidence, more interaction with other people.  So cool!  (It looks like Sam will continue to give updates on Noble on the Facebook page.)

If you’re interested in helping foster or train assistant dogs, check out this list of service dog organizations around the world.

Noble as a puppy

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  1. WARNING…not all working dogs are treated well by their owners I workd at leader dogs for the blind in michigan and the abuse those dogs received from SOMe of the students was horrific and nothing was done about it when i worked their so please pray for these dogs not all of them go to good people

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