Offspring Of Hero Dogs Rescued Too

This is so neat!  Five other stray dogs, Bear, Alph, Low Rider, Jackie and B, have been brought to the U.S. from Afghanistan. They are offspring of the 3 dogs—Rufus, Target, & Sasha–who attacked a suicide bomber at a U.S. base.

Here’s coverage of Low Rider’s story–who got her name from her laid back personality & her fondness of sleep.  I’m thinking her short stature might have something to do with it too.  What incredibly lucky dogs!

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  1. I suggested to Sgt. Young (via KPHO) that he try to adopt Target’s puppy from whoever has it, bc then his son (dau.–news differs) could watch with the family as the little one shows Target’s traits as he/she grows. (e.g., like a docile temperament) It would hands on for your child, although additional work for you adults.
    My prayers are with you. Jensey

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