Powerloo & Wasteaway—Outdoor Poop Flushers


The Powerloo is supposed to be an environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog poop.  It’s an outdoor toilet that’s connected to your sewer and water lines for flushing poop you’ve scooped from your yard or poop you pick up on your walks in biodegradable bags. It comes in 6 different colors and will be $1000.  Kind of pricey, hunh?

I’m not sure how the amount of water used balances out against keeping plastic bags out of landfills.


There’s another flusher thingy called The Wasteaway. It attaches at the clean-out pipe for your sewer line and uses a mounted garden hose to flush the poop.  The opening looks kind of small—that could get really gross really quickly if your aim is bad.  At least you can control how much water is used.  The Wasteaway isn’t as pretty as the Powerloo, but it’s a lot cheaper at $175.

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  1. I pick up dog poop after my yorkie. It’s faily easy with a flushable dog pop bags that I use everyday. Google “flushable dog poop bags” and check out yourself.

    I flush my dog’s poops down the toilet with a flushable doggy waste bag. Most eco-friendly way to get ride of poops.

    The company is called Flush Doggy.

    There are flushable dog poop bags. The best answer probably because dog poop can get treated just as your poop is.

  2. Hi
    This has to be the BEST thing since slides bread!!!
    Shot in the dark ? Do ya’ll ever or thought of doing donation of a system to a rescue group? If ya’l do Orlando has a lady Judy who has donated her entire life to the rescues of central FL. Rescue By Judy is the primary rescue. Man something like this would be a amazing
    amazing help. Sooo just thought I’d ask.
    Thankies & Take Care
    Denise George
    Re~Fur~Bished Rescue & Recovery
    Orlando Fl
    407 497 6939

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