The Important Question About Michael Vick

Discussion of the Michael Vick case has raised important questions. Would he be getting the same treatment if he were white? I doubt it. Is this a cultural issue? Maybe. Should he be banned from the NFL for life? I want to say yes. But as I started thinking about these issues, I realized they should be secondary.

The primary question should be what has Michael Vick done? The answer? Michael Vick promoted, participated in, and financed some of the most barbaric behavior humans are capable of—forcing subjugated, terrorized creatures to fight torturous and deadly battles for his pleasure, for his profit, and for his ego.

The Humane Society of the United States is holding a video contest to pick a video to use in their campaign to stop animal fighting. I have avoided posting graphic images of dog fighting and animal cruelty because I think constant bombardment by such images can have a numbing effect or can cause people to give up hope or can cause people to go off half cocked in ineffective rages.

These videos are really well done and each one communicates their message in a unique and powerful way. They aren’t your typical anti-dogfighting videos. Even if it’s not easy, I urge you to watch them and pass them along. We should all be discussing the primary question, “What has Michael Vick done?” This is what he’s done. (If you have trouble viewing the video, try double clicking it.)

Video #1: Waiting on an Angel

Video #2: Ms. Paisley Sky

Video #3: Man’s Best Friend

You can vote here.

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