Update On Stanley From “Just One Dog”

Remember that painful and amazing video of the the white dog in a California shelter who had clearly given up hope?  Here’s Stanley today doing so much better. He’s recovered from eye surgery and can open his eyes without pain for probably the first time ever.  I’m so happy for Stanley.  I just wish every dog were so lucky.

Check out Stanley’s video, Just One Dog. It was made by Cathy at Camp Cocker. You can also find out about where Stanley is being fostered now in Canada.

2 Replies to “Update On Stanley From “Just One Dog””

  1. Wonderful story. Kudos to you and all the hard work you put into these wonderful animals. You are truly wonderful people. Thanks for caring.

  2. One more thing. Was Stanley adopted yet? I know he was in a foster home when I saw the last video. I would love to see who adopted him into their forever home. This boy sure does deserve it.

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