We Like: Plush Leo With Stuffies

plushleostuffieThe Plush Leo from Canine Genius is a great toy.  It’s a plush puzzle toy shaped kind of like a bowling pen and comes with 4 small plush toys(each with a squeaker) that you stuff inside it.  It has three openings for the smaller toys to come out.  Give to your dog and let him have fun figuring out how to get the toys out.

Once Saffron got the hang of it, we started stuffing as many of her small toys as we could fit in it.  Sometimes she investigates it carefully from the outside finding every squeaker in the toys inside.  Other times she pulls them out one at a time.  And when she’s being beasty, she shakes it for all she’s worth and sends the toys inside flying.

It’s held up well.  It should be noted, Saffron is pretty easy on her toys.  And I’ve washed it with no problems.

Check out this previous post on the Brain Twister also from Canine Genius.  It’s another favorite in our house.

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