We Like: The Buster Cube

bustercube.jpgWhen we first adopted Saffron, she wasn’t good about eating her food. She just wasn’t very interested. I thought that since she’d been a stray on the Yakima Indian Reservation, she’d be a chow-hound, but no. So, it was hard to get her on a schedule for needing to go outside to go potty. And because she wasn’t in good shape, she’d get tired very quickly at the dog park and then other dogs would try to pick on her.

I needed to get her eating regularly, so I started acquiring different food dispensing toys in an effort to get her to eat. The Buster Cube is one of these. She loved it! You fill the cube with kibble or small treats and as the dog plays with the cube, food travels through the channels inside and small amounts of food will randomly fall out. You can adjust the center tube to control how much food falls out. It comes in two sizes for small and larger dogs. It is hard-sided and therefore noisier than some other treat dispensing toys, but it’s durable.

Other people have the problem of their dogs eating so fast they risk bloat. And all dogs can benefit from the mental exercise of “working” for their food. The Twist ‘n Treat and the Tricky Treat Ball are other treat/food dispensing toys. The Brake-Fast Bowl is a bowl designed to stop dogs from bolting food.

Here’s video of Roland, the Husky, using his Buster Cube:

(direct link to video)

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