Your Dog Can Tweet…Kinda

Mattel is releasing a toy called Puppy Tweets that will randomly tweet one of 500 pre-programmed messages to Twitter.  It’s a collar with a motion & sound sensor, so when your dog gets up from a nap or barks at the mailman, the collar will send a tweet along the lines of “I bark because I miss you. There, I said it. Now hurry home.”  At $29.99, I’m going to wait until they can make one like the collar on Dug in the movie Up(via Samuel Axon at Mashable)

2 Replies to “Your Dog Can Tweet…Kinda”

  1. This reminds me of April Fools day in 1999. I was so excited because NPR reported about a collar that translated what dog’s are saying. I called Paul & he asked me, “What day is it?”

    I’m enjoying your blog!

  2. “But, it’s a talking *dog*!” love that kid.

    why does Mattel’s puppy look like an albino rabbit?

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