Friday Fun: Horatio Hamster’s Hike

horatiohamsterWe’re pretty fond of Horatio the Hamster. This ambitious little guy is on a virtual hike of the UK from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. His wonderfully geeky people have hooked up his hamster wheel to a thingy (actually a reed switch) that converts the revolutions of his wheel to distance on his route.  He averaged 4.07 miles per day last week!

You can track Horatio’s progress and read his travel diary. They’ve even analyzed and graphed his stats. Wonder what was going on on Jan. 17th?  You can participate in his hike if you live along his route or through a contest to guess the day Horatio reaches the end of his hike.

Update: Matt from Horatio the Hamster has offered to help anyone who wants help setting up their own hamster wheel like this.  Nice!

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