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  1. I recently adopted a black cat. I had a husky/german shepard puppy that was killed. Black Jack, which I named him, showed up shortly after that. He is so sweet and he has the same markings as the puppy. I really enjoy his company. I was supersitious about black cats before he came along. I thought they were bad luck and I always tried to stay away from them. But when he showed up to my door and showed so much love for a stranger he never met before, I knew I had to take care of him because he was there for me when my heart was breaking for my puppy. Im blessed to have such a wonderful pet and friend.

  2. Black fur doesn’t show on your dark clothes
    Black animals are warmer on your lap
    They look good in any color accent
    They are happy to be loved
    They go well with basic black & pearls
    They are all eyes
    In a dark bedroom it’s easy to see them on the sheets
    They are the most elgant color
    They have no reflection, only a hole in a mirror
    They will love you without measure

  3. I love black cats.
    I have a little persian cat
    and there is this little black cat around where I live.
    We called him Mr.Imp.
    He is just so happy.
    Whenever my cat see’s him he runs off.
    But I think that black cats dont like it in house’s much.
    Well this one doesnt anyway.

  4. I have just got a black cat, he is almost completly black except for his to back paws they are tiped with white. I named him 8 Ball cuz his a bit crazy. My sister and I got both brother and sister cats (mine bein the boy) and i fine that her cat grey and white, has just that little bit more personality than mine. She is more playful and even more crazy. We love them they are our chrismas presents we picked them and they picked us.

  5. I have a black cat and he is the greatest thing in the world! Whoever says black cats are bad luck should go to England. There, black cats are good luck and white cats are bad luck.

  6. I’ve had my black cat, Penny, for 13 years. She is incredibly loyal and my oldest friend. I think there’s something quite different about the personality of black cats that’s very attractive. Penny is not a typical lap cat and doesn’t like to be petted too much, but she is only happy when the family is together and will wait by the door for hours for everyone to get home. Since I’ve gone to university I don’t see her much, but when I walk in the front door she jumps up as fast as her arthritis will allow and purrs away winding around my legs. She is completely awesome :].

  7. I have a lovely 8 month old black cat which has turqouise eyes. She called Nel and is stir crazy, when stuck indoors she will climb up your walls and door. The first week we fitted the door flap she got stuck on the neighbours roof through the night which was a shame but a lesson to her not to do it again after not being able to get down herself.
    I’ve had diffrent kinds of cats but always perfered black ones the best i find them attractive.

  8. Our black moggy is the cutest cat in the world. She loves to play with a snapped elastic band and she loveseat. No matter who she meets she will bond and love everybody who she sees if we had an inruder or something she will purr round their legs some protections he is, OUR CAT IS THE BEST EVER IN THE WORLD! LUV U LUCKY from savanah and clarke

  9. we have a black,beautiful moggy . HER NAME IS … LUCKY LOU! she is the one and only pet. she bonds with everybody she sees and when we walk up to school she follows us right up the street and we have to run back and put her back! If you are considering to buy a cat buy a black moggy they are one of the most loving animals ever. We love our cat no matter what WE LOVE YOU LUCKY LOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. We have a lovely black girl cat called Kenny! She is supposedly a bengal tiger but we have been stitched up because Black Bengals are an imperfection in the breed and subsequently of no value! HOWEVER, we love Kenny and would not be without her. She is totally mad, permananently stuck up trees, kills everything that moves in our garden and dices with death by running in front of traffic!

    Lucinda age 7

  11. I have a black cat too. His name is Minuit. He just turned 1 this may. He’s such a sweetheart, and he acts like a dog!
    I’ve never thought black cats were superstitious. I don’t think any of that stuff (walking under ladders, the number 13, ect) is bad luck. I’ve done all of it. And my favorite number is 13, just by coincidence. Hehe. 🙂

    ~blackcatluvr, aka savannahgrey, blackie, cat, blackcatluvr13…I can go on and on.

  12. I have a litter of kittens and on of them is completly black and he is the quietest and most gentle one of the five. He is very sweet and his name is Midnight he has the face of his mom and the colour of his dad. By the way I also don’t believe in this superstitous thing about cats but i kinda do about the other things.

  13. I used to have a black cat…and he was the sweetest thing…he used to do the funniest things……when it was dark he blend into anthing and scare me half to death! I think that it’s mean how everyone thinks that black cats are bad luck….they’re definalty the sweetest kind of cats…if I ever get another cat, he’ll will definately have to be black!

  14. I have a black cat for 3 years, my exgirl bring her home when she was very little….the girl is gone now but I keeped the cat 🙂 and she makes my darkness days shine,she is so playfully and so alive that makes me smile almost all the time, the colour of the pet should`t be a issue when you”ll choose it, except of course if u believe in superstions…but still we are in 2008…

  15. I Have my two precious girls. Both black. I have had cats since I was 4, and been in the veterinary feild since I was 14..I’m approching 30. Black cats hold all of the superstition but in that I mean “intuition”. Black cats for me are all absolutely beautiful the most gorgeous cat . Behaviourly they are the most intuitive into what is going on with their beloved owner. If there owner is a true cat affitionado , they bond strongly ( more so than any purebred). There is so much love on a black cats half. It really upsets me that the world is so tossed up about old ideas and superstitions. I also think that more black cat owners should be educated as to whhey should be careful with their cat. it’s not just holloween, any religious holiday. Most of the world deems black cats as a bad omen. Most countries that have a religion associated with them. So watch out on thos holidays. I know for me if anything happened to either of my girls I would me a very upset gal!

  16. I am in the process of adopting a black kitty who’s about four and a half months old. When I went to the shelter to adopt a cat, all of them were very friendly. But this one was such a love bug! When he saw me, he got up on his hind legs and reached his arms out of the cage toward me. The girl working there opened the door and he literally jumped out, hugged me and started purring and licking my face! I know other people who have black cats and they are all unusually affectionate. I can’t wait to pick up mine. I am going to name him Jasper, and call him J.P. for short. That stands for Joyful Pussycat!

  17. i have a black kitten and before we had her i didn’t really think much of black cats,but now i have a totally differnt opion.She is really loving and love’s to play i have a male cat but he’s a tabby and she is scared of him but not my german shepherd.I guess black cats have a weird way of connecting to sertain animals,but i wouldn’t change her for the world she in now part of me for the rest of my life. <33

  18. I Have a Black Cat. A kid came to school one day with a bag full of kittens. While Everybody else went for the white and ginger ones, I fell in love with the eldest and cutest of them all. Tiny (as i called him) had a big family and it was hard for him to fit in with our quiet house. He is grown up now and he is the best. Black cats are not bad luck, with my experince with him he is as lucky as any other cat.

  19. I also forgot to put that Black Cats, I find are more acceftion than other cats. My cat allways purrs when around me and he snuggles up to me while im reading a book. Black Cats are not bad luck because of the colour that they are. I reckon its racsaict towards them saying that they are bad luck! 😀

  20. I have a black cat named Midnight, not so much original as far as the name goes, but his personality is one of a kind. You can tell when he is hyper or frisky because first he will become extremely vocal, and then he will thump his tail hard against whatever he is near. I can call out his name even while he is sleeping and it never fails, he will thump his tail once just to let me know that he is there. 🙂 I wouldn’t trade him in for the world!

  21. Just as the name says we’ve had 4 black cats. We are now down to 3 as we lost one in April of this year. We also have had 3 tuxedo’s and 2 calicos in the house. Currently we have 3 black, 1 tuxedo, and the 2 calicos remain. The black cats are quite the talkers and busy bodies. Always checking things out and announcing to the world that they have entered the room! Their names are Midnight, Jackpot, and Fuzzy. Shadow was fuzzy’s mom who we lost in April. Midnight and Jackpot will answer when you call them but Fuzzy just looks at you like..Yeah..what do you want…Two of them love to sit on my lap and just purr away, the third just races around like she’d been shot out of a cannon and we wouldn’t change a thing about any of them……

  22. My black cat Juniper is the most adorable thing in my life. She is a very special little creature, she brings me so much joy, and I love her very much.

  23. I have a very lazy black cat. He loves to be carried, or sit on your lap for hours. He’s not the prettiest cat, but very sweet.
    He has a papasan chair that he sleeps in for much of the day. If you disturb him he will open one eye and then go back to sleep.
    Whenever we wake up, even if for just a nap, he will wake up and demand a can of cat food.

  24. I have a gorgeous black lady cat named Zenis. We have had her since sge was 4 weeks old, and turned 9 on October 4th. Zenis talks all the time, blesses me when I sneeze and up until I got a husband Zenis would sleep wrapped around my head.

  25. My husband has a black cat, Zorro. He greets him every day by jumping up on top of his huge truck and then climbing around and onto his dash board. He will sit there and “talk” to him while he does his end of day paperwork. Hubby LOVES him. We have found that black cats are almost always talkers. Zorro does have a bad habit that I can’t stand, he pulls his fur out. We are told that black cats tend to have skin problems and that is why he is pulling out the hair. Oh well, he pays for my vacuuming services by being so funny and loving.

  26. 1. Black cats ARE good luck
    2. They are the cutest off all colours
    3. They’re eyes always seem huge
    4. They are very protective
    5. Black goes with everything
    6. They dint malt so many hairs
    7. Because of their dark coat, they are harder to be spotted by other cats threrefore resulting in less fights
    8. (Applies to number 7) Less Vet bills
    9. They never seem to look old
    10. I have a Black cat

    Holly the Vet

  27. I have a female black kitten who was in my neighbors yard! I was loving on her and I thought it was their kitten! So, I left but by the time I got to my front door there she was waiting on me!!! (She was not the neighbors cat) I have had many cats and she is the best! She is sooo sweet she follows me everywhere! When she wants some attention she puts her one paw up really soft and paws at me! Mommy pet me!!! She also loves water and sleeping in the sink, when she is not following me around everywhere! She is very vocal!!Everyone loves her! Her name is Piper!!!

  28. I have a black cat named Binx. This little boy is my world. We have had 6 cats in my mom’s house, but Binx is the first black cat we have owned, and honestly the smartest. When i talk to him it is like he understands me, and listens. He knows his name very well. When he is outside, when i come home, i call his name and no matter where he is, he comes to me. If you have ever seen the movie hocus pocus, that is my cat! I would never trade him for anything!!

  29. Toki, has the best personality out of any cat I’ve ever seen. He is so funny, and always into something. I neved planned on owning a black cat, he wasn’t black when I got him…he was light gray. haha He is the best cat I could have asked for.

  30. I am Midnight. I am a black cat that spent my whole year in the shelter or almost being killed. I was 6 months old when I was finally rescued from abuse. I spent 6 months of my life at shelters. I was never adopted so I went to 6 different shelters with no luck. Then at 1 years old I was adopted by a 13 year old who was constantly bullied everyday. She spoils me!!!!! I hope every black cat gets as lucky as me someday!

  31. poe April 16 @ 10:30 AM I adopted my black poe from a shelter yesterday as my other black cat little bit passed about 2 weeks ago and i would only have black cats from now on cause she was so different from my previous cats. poe is still exploring his new home but I can tell he will be great joy also

  32. Three and half years ago someone left a mature black cat near our home.
    It took weeks for him to trust us ..but eventually he became our “adopted” outdoor cat.
    (we already had 2 tabbys)
    Blacky was the nicest,calmest kitty we’ve ever known. Although he wouldn’t allow us to pick him up he was very affectionate(loved having his paws massaged) and liked to walk under my legs if I sat next to him with my legs crouched. He was a talker too.
    We made a comfy kitty condo for him to stay warm during the winter(luckily we have short and fairly mild Winters here)
    About 3 weeks ago we noticed Blacky’s health began to fail him. He wouldn’t allow us to pick him up but we cared for him and the best way we could.
    We don’t know if it was an age issue since we have no idea how old he was.
    We comforted and loved this wonderful cat …feeding him soft food and sardines.
    He had stopped eating kitty kibble.
    Last night my husband tucked him in his condo with warm sweaters..We knew he was dying. This morning I got up to feed Blacky and my other outdoor kitties and noticed Blacky hadn’t moved. I went and got a flashlight to check his breathing. He was alive but not for long. He let out a meow and gently went into the eternal sleep.
    We wrapped him in the most handsome blue fabric with kitty food and something from both myself and my husband and buried him in the back yard near the garden. He was loved so much by us and his other fellow kitties.
    I never saw any aggression with this incredible and beautiful creature. He was a gift that we will never forget.

  33. I am Lisa from comment 26 about my cat Zenis. Sadly we lost Zenis four years ago. We now have an 18 month old black girl cat named Clinger(and her ginger brother). She is the smartest and most demanding cat I have ever had. When Clinger wants your attention she meows loudly from another room to call you in to pat her and can pull the string on the toy mouse to make it move.

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