Friday Is Take You Dog To Work Day

Saffron\'s kind of work.This Friday June 25th is Take Your Dog To Work Day. I’m thinking, unless you already take your dog to work at least sometimes or you have the most laid back dog and you know the other dogs at your workplace will be laid back too, this may not be the best day to take your dog to work for the first time.

But, that’s not to say you can’t bring attention to the value of dogs in the workplace or focus on the TYDTWD mission of spotlighting the benefits of adopting your dog from an animal rescue organization. In fact, participating workplaces are asked to partner with animal shelters to help increase adoptions of shelter dogs.

Some tips on a successful Take Your Dog To Work Day:

  • bring a familiar blanket or bed
  • take your dog for a walk before taking her to work
  • keep you dog confined to your workspace
  • make sure your workspace is pooch-proofed
  • identify an appropriate potty place outside & bring poop bags
  • bring a puzzle toy like a Twist ‘n Treat or Tricky Treat Ball
  • make sure your dog is clean and flea free
  • provide water
  • avoid any situations where resource guarding may occur
  • don’t leave your dog unattended
  • keep your dog leashed when outside and in common areas
  • be considerate of co-workers
  • have a back-up plan if your dog isn’t happy and needs to go home early

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