Another Alternative to Elizabethan Collar

The Neck’s Best Thing Collar is another alternative to the dreaded Elizabethan collar (also known as a cone or lampshade collar). This collar doesn’t look as durable as the BiteNot Collar I’ve previously written about, but it still looks useful and very versatile. You cut this collar to size and you can customize it. It can be cut for a splint or used like a compression bandage for the abdomen. And it can be used on dogs, cats, even birds. (It was originally made for a bird named Hagar who had a feather plucking problem.)


I already have a BiteNot Collar, but I’m planning on getting a Neck’s Best Thing Collar for our earthquake kit.

Check out these other alternatives to Elizabethan collars:

3 Replies to “Another Alternative to Elizabethan Collar”

  1. My dog recently underwent eye surgery and i was recommended to try the optivizor by my vet.. Fudgie is completely happy with this dog gaurd and is getting around very without any issues at all… what an amazing product and very attractive.. I would recommend this without doubt for other owners who want something that does not hinder their ‘best friends’

  2. Hi John,
    Where did you purchase the optivizor from please??
    My dog underwent eye surgery yesterday and the “elizabethan collar” is horrendous!!!!!!

  3. I tired the Neck’s best thing collar and my Shepherd could reach his surgery site. 🙁

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