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A new reality TV show show centered around is in the works on Animal Planet Network for early 2008.(via is a web site where shelters and rescue organizations post photos and information about animals who need homes. You can search for certain breeds, age range, a specific sex, size, location, pets with special needs, declawed cats, and excluding animals not good with children. It’s how I found Saffron.

The show will follow families looking to adopt a pet and will also look at the animals’ stories. According to the description, families will take in “teacher pets”—pets who already have homes—so the family can learn what pet will be the best fit. I’m not sure if this means families will be trying out dogs, cats, reptiles, etc. or if it means families will be trying high energy dogs, couch-potato dogs, puppies, etc. to find the right fit.

The show will be filmed in and around Los Angeles and they’re looking for people thinking about adopting a pet to be part of the show. You can apply by filling out this form.(pdf)

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