Scout, The Dog, To Get New Type Of Prosthetic Limb


Scout lost his leg after getting hit by a car, but now he’ll be getting an implanted prothetic leg. The implant is a revolutionary approach to a prosthetic that uses bio-integration where bone and soft tissue grows into a honeycomb of metal over time. Check out the video of Scout. The surgeries are being preformed by Dr. Robert Taylor from the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver and who has been featured on Animals Planets Emergency Vets and E-Vets. Dr. Taylor partnered with BioMedtrix to create this prosthesis utilizing osseointegration.

Scout isn’t the first dog to benefit from an implanted prosthetic from Dr. Taylor. Triumph, a Husky, was found in Turkey with both back legs cut off, but international efforts brought her to the U.S. and eventually to Colorado for the groundbreaking surgery. Triumph had numerous surgeries, but you can see from this video she is now up and running.

Soldier also got an implanted prosthetic leg. Soldier was found after three days of being tied to a tree on a shooting range. Don’t miss his story and the people at Best Friends Animal Society who cared for him. Especially Kristi , who cared for, trained, and rehabilitated Soldier for five months and then drove him to his new adopted home in another state. Be sure to see the video of Soldier.


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