Rabbit Hopping

Rabbit hopping, also called rabbit show jumping, just makes me smile. Rabbit hopping is a competition of rabbits hopping over jumps for height or hopping for length, much like horse show jumping.

It started in Sweden, and is now popular in several countries, and is growing in popularity in the US. 4H clubs are adding it to their programs for rabbits.

You can find out a lot more about rabbit hopping at the English version of this Danish site.

4 Replies to “Rabbit Hopping”

  1. Please don’t encourage this stupid exploitation of rabbits. It’s not fair to the rabbit and only takes place for human enjoyment. Let them be.

  2. To all of the above. Maybe the rabbits like getting out and running around it is better then just keeping them in a cage all the time like most people and not paying attention to them what kind of life is that? i think this is a good way to get invloved with rabbits.

  3. I watched a video on youtube of a rabbit hopping championship and when the one rabbit’s owner was getting it ready for the jump, it kept looking her. You could tell by the way it acted and how it kept looking at her that this rabbit loved its owner a lot. Do you think that the rabbit would love someone who tortured it? I don’t think so.

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