Driver Hits Fester The Dog & Sues For Damages

judge.jpgA Minnesota driver struck and killed a Miniature Pinscher named Fester who had just escaped from his owner and ran into the busy road. The unusual part of the story is that the driver, Jeffery Ely, is suing the owner of the dog, Nikki Munthe, for the damage done to his car.

Ely himself owns a dog and says he feels compassion for Fester’s family, but thinks they should be held responsible for the accident. And on the surface, I agree with him. But, I also see pets as part of the family and it’s hard to imagine someone suing a family for damage to your car if you struck and killed their child through no fault of your own.

Neato Lamps!

How cute are these MyPetLamps designed by the Megasii Design Group from Offi?

lampca1t.jpg lampdog2.jpg

The cute, little Dachshund comes in a bunch of fun colors and the more demur Angora comes in “Warm Milk” and “Light Chocolate”. There are also other animals available. They’re made from molded plastic and give ambient lighting.

You can find them at, who apparently has a low price guarantee. Nifty!

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Mod eiCrate For Dogs

modcrate2.jpgThe nifty eiCrate designed by Peter Pracilio for Go!PetDesign goes beyond the old idea of a a crate being a boring box with its rounded pod shape. It comes in several different finishes and you can also get a nice looking cover for it and a pad for inside.

The ieCrate is really only for smaller dogs or cats, but they’re apparently working on larger versions. True, the pod shape isn’t as efficient a use of space as a traditional box-shaped crate and it can’t double for a carrier, but if you’ve got the space and money, I think it’s a lot more interesting.

Laika Remembered With Monument

laikastatue.jpegIn Russia, tomorrow is Cosmonautics Day in honor of the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin. This year will be different because Laika the dog and the first living creature to orbit the Earth is being honored with a monument in Russia at the site of the facility where pre-flight preparations were handled.

Over 50 years ago, Sputnik 2 carried Laika into space. Laika was a small stray dog who, along with several other strays, was used by the U.S.S.R. space program in the 1950’s. Due to the rush to get Sputnik 2 in space, there was no time to design a re-entry capsule, so sadly Laika was doomed.

Check out the earlier post about Laika on the 50th anniversary of her flight into space—there are links to more information on Laika, to original newsreel footage, the original New York Times article from 1957, and to a contemporary graphic novel about Laika by Nick Abadzis.