Driver Hits Fester The Dog & Sues For Damages

judge.jpgA Minnesota driver struck and killed a Miniature Pinscher named Fester who had just escaped from his owner and ran into the busy road. The unusual part of the story is that the driver, Jeffery Ely, is suing the owner of the dog, Nikki Munthe, for the damage done to his car.

Ely himself owns a dog and says he feels compassion for Fester’s family, but thinks they should be held responsible for the accident. And on the surface, I agree with him. But, I also see pets as part of the family and it’s hard to imagine someone suing a family for damage to your car if you struck and killed their child through no fault of your own.

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  1. First thing that comes to mind is how much damage can a Min-Pin do to a vehicle?

    Second comment is the law (in my state of Ohio, anyway) that driver should be in control of vehicle at all times. Could just as easily been a toddler running out in front of the car – does that mean if said driver killed a child they’d be suing for damages? IMO, driver is money hungry, screwed up, and doesn’t want to take responsibility.

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