Shameful Day For Belfast City Council

Lennox, 2 yrs on concrete with sawdust & feces courtesy the Belfast City Council


After 2 years of trying to kill him, the Belfast City Council has finally destroyed Lennox the dog.  Lennox was removed from his home in 2010 despite having no history of aggression and despite being a companion to the family’s disabled daughter for 5 yrs.  He was removed because he fit the physical measurements in the Breed Specific Legislation despite DNA evidence that he wasn’t a pit bull.  Physical measurements.

Lennox spent 2 yrs. confined in deplorable conditions while his health suffered & went untreated.  His family was not allowed to see him during those 2 years.  Further, his family was denied the right to say goodbye to Lennox before he was killed.  They weren’t even allowed to see his body.  They were apparently told they’d receive “some” ashes in the mail.

Despite many people working to rescue Lennox, including Victoria Stilwell, the Belfast City Council seemed hellbent on destroying this dog.  The hired a police dog handler to testify about the dog’s behavior, not an animal behaviorist.  In fact, one of the dog wardens who testified that Lennox was dangerous and frightened her may have committed perjury.  She was later seen apparently petting and getting licks from Lennox in still shots from a video that was leaked.  Another thing noticeable in the still shots, was that Lennox was no longer at a healthy weight.  Victoria Stilwell spoke to further video evidence of Lennox’s appalling state of health (start listening at 42:20) including a terrible skin condition and neck pain. (This was from October 2011, so who knows what was the state of Lennox’s health and perhaps this is why they weren’t allowed to see his body.)  Finally, I think the clearest evidence that the Belfast City Council was fanatical in they’re drive to destroy Lennox, is that they refused to allow any U.S. animal sanctuaries take Lennox.  Beyond shameful.

You can hear Victoria Stilwell and the gutless idiot, Pat McCarthy, the head of Belfast City Council’s (BCC) Environmental Health Committee discuss the case and the killing of Lennox.

Go love on your dogs and hope to hell their breed never ends up on Breed Specific Legislation or that they ever look like a breed that’s banned or that they ever fit some ridiculous measurement of a breed that’s banned.

Hero Dog From Afghanistan Accidentally Euthanized In Shelter

I don’t want to write this post.  In August I told you about 3 dogs in Afghanistan who thwarted a suicide bomber and saved 50 human lives.  The 2 surviving dogs, Rufus & Target, were brought to the U.S. and later their offspring came too. Such lucky dogs.  Target went to live with Sgt. Terry Young and his family in Arizona.

Tragically, Target, who helped stop the suicide bomber by attacking him, was killed in an Arizona animal shelter due to a mistake.  To have survived so much, only to be killed in an animal shelter just breaks my heart.  I can’t imagine what this soldier and his family are going through.  You can see how important these dogs were to the men who befriended them in this piece from when Sgt. Young was on the Oprah Show.