Neko Chigura–Cat beds From Rice Straw

I like a lot of the Japanese aesthetic and I’m really liking these cat beds called neko chigura. (via moderncat)  Too bad neko chigura are not available in the US.  They’re one of the traditional crafts from Niigata Prefecture.

There are more refined woven cat beds like this one at Design Within Reach, which is available in the US, and this bed at Ikea. I prefer the chunky neko chigura though.  Besides the look, I like that they’re made from a renewable resource.  I wonder how they hold up to scratching—my cats would love it for that.

Check out the video to see how they’re made.

Cat Cafes In Tokyo

Not allowed to have pets where you live?  In Tokyo, you can relax at a cat cafe with a cup of tea and a bevy of freshly groomed kitties.

I checked out videos on Youtube and there are apparently several cat cafes.  Some seem like they might be ok for the cats—the cats are rescues, there are strict rules about how to treat the cats, no children allowed, everyone has to wash their hands before coming in.  Other cafes don’t seem good for the cats—too loud, small children allowed, only pure bred cats, too many people.  (thanks Ange)