Cat Cafes In Tokyo

Not allowed to have pets where you live?  In Tokyo, you can relax at a cat cafe with a cup of tea and a bevy of freshly groomed kitties.

I checked out videos on Youtube and there are apparently several cat cafes.  Some seem like they might be ok for the cats—the cats are rescues, there are strict rules about how to treat the cats, no children allowed, everyone has to wash their hands before coming in.  Other cafes don’t seem good for the cats—too loud, small children allowed, only pure bred cats, too many people.  (thanks Ange)

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  1. This is so awesome! I am on the net a lot doing research for my column and such, and – I have never told anyone this – every time I see another announcement for Doggy Dining, I secretly plot and plan to put on my leash and beg the Woman to take me to just such a place. She would, I know. And now, here it is. Cats everywhere should step up to the plate (no pun intended) and march their little selves to a cafe near them. That’s easy to dream about, and easy to say. I still have not gotten up enough nerve to do it myself. Did I mention? This is so awesome! Your friend, Fisher

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