Even More Alternatives To Elizabethan Collars

I get lots of visitors to the site who are trying to find alternatives to traditional elizabethan collars (also known as e-collars, cone collars , or lampshade collars).  We had our own miserable time using an e-collar. So here are two more I’ve come across in my own research.  Clearly your dog or cat doesn’t have to suffer in a big, bulky, plastic e-collar.  I recommend planning ahead and have one of these alternatives on hand.

The Trimline Collar is a flexible, lightweight collar that is held in place with a drawstring.  I’m not sure how well this will hold up to repeated uses by a dog though.

Trimline Collar

The Comfy Cone is a soft collar that can be folded down if need be and is held in place by your dog’s collar.  It’s made of a 1/2 inch of foam sandwiched between durable fabric and it has reflective tape for night time use.

Comfy Cone

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DIY: Body-Sock Alternative To Elizabethan Cone


We and our pets know those Elizabethan or lampshade collars are the pits. Here’s a handy do-it-yourself alternative for protecting an incision or wound site on your pet’s torso from Instructables. You’ll find good instructions for making a body sock or “cat jacket” out of an old t-shirt.

This could also be used on dogs, rabbits, ferrets, etc. It might not be enough to stop an obsessive pet from messing with their stitches, but I think it would work with a lot of pets. A side benefit could be that wearing this body sock might help curtail their activity, which is another post-surgery need. Try it out!

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