Research Beagles 1st Time Seeing Sun & Grass

I’m posting this for two reasons.  First, it’s easy to forget the price paid for a lot of the products & medications we have, and I think no matter how you feel about animal testing, we need to be aware of what is done to animals in the testing of those products & medications.  (I say this as someone whose uncle died from  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.)  Second, you don’t need to be afraid to adopt an adult dog.  I used to think that I’d only want to have a dog that I got as a puppy because I wanted to ensure that it had the “perfect” upbringing.  Getting our dog Saffron at 6 mos. and these Beagles show dogs can overcome so much when they’re given a chance.

Beagles are commonly used in research because they’re considered easier to handle than other breeds.  When these dogs are “retired” from research, they need a home.  The Beagle Freedom Project works to give these dogs a new life in a real home.

Participate In Megaesophagus Research Project

Hey!  You can help further the research into finding the genetic marker for megaesophagus.  If your dog was diagnosed with megaesopgagus before 1 year of age, you can help by sending in a sample of his DNA.  You’ll need to request a kit busing the contact information in the link. You don’t need to be in the US to participate.  The study is headed up by Leigh Anne Clark Ph.D out of Clemson University.

Check this post to find out more about megaesophagus, where to get support, Bailey chairs, etc.

Vaccine For Cat Allergies

This is pretty nifty!  Researchers have developed a vaccine for people allergic to cats. It uses a synthetic version of the protein in cats’ saliva that is deposited on their fur when they groom.

The study found:

In a clinical trial, 88 patients were injected with the vaccine or a placebo and the researchers found that the product led to a 40 per cent reduction in effects on their skin that develop several hours after contact with a cat.

This was said to be the same effect that would be achieved with a year’s worth of traditional allergy vaccines, and prevented symptoms developing “for a prolonged period”.