DIY: Feather Spinner Cat Toy & Wand

Make your own feather spinner cat toy similar to the Da Bird cat toy.  The tutorial shows you what to do.  You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.  Be sure to pay special attention to the instructions in Step #5 on the placement of the larger feathers to insure the toy spins.

You’ll need:


The second tutorial shows you how to make the wand to go with the spinner using:

  • acrylic or wood dowel 3/8″ and 18″ long
  • 2 vinyl carburetor caps sized to fit on dowel
  • hex nut
  • medium strength fishing line, string, or cording
  • scissors
  • glue gun

DIY: Valerian Fish Toy

Here’s an easy cat toy project that uses valerian, so if your cat is one of those that doesn’t react to catnip, this might do the trick.  Valerian, like catnip, is an attractant for cats and they respond to it in much the same way.  It’s available in the healthfood section of your grocery store and online.  The tutorial is from Craft Leftovers where you can find heaps of tutorials,  projects, and general cleverness.  (In this project, valerian is being used to make the toy smell wonderful to cats.  It’s not advocating it’s use as a medical herb.)

Etsy: Spring/Easter Cat Toys

I haven’t done a post on nifty Etsy things in ages.  I love Spring and there are some pretty fun Spring/Easter things for cats on Etsy right now.  (I’ve included a few bunnies for people too.)

Row 1

  • Bunny with pocket
  • Bunny pin
  • Rabbit print
  • Row 2

  • Little ducklings
  • Mini bunnies
  • Catnip Easter trio
  • Row 3

  • Catnip rattling bunny
  • Knit Easter eggs
  • Wool catnip balls
  • Row  4

  • Polymer clay jingle eggs
  • Velvet catnip strawberries
  • Catnip carrot
  • Felted catnip egg
  • Row 5

  • Catnip peas in a pod
  • Little catnip ducky
  • Cloisonne catnip eggs
  • Catnip kick sticks
  • Row 6

  • Colorful catnip mice
  • Catnip pea pod
  • Catnip Easter eggs
  • DIY: 3 Knit & Felted Dogs Toys

    I love these cunning dog toys.  All three tutorials are for knitted & felted toys.   Don’t forget to use wool yarn so it will felt.  Felted knits handle more like fabric and are more durable.  (Here are a few tutorials on felting, in case you need them: this one covers both hand & machine felting,here is a printable one on machine felting, and another on hand felting.)

    First, is a great tutorial for this cute dog dumbell. It’s aesthetically pleasing and a neat toy!  I especially like dog toys that are fun for the dog, but also also look nice on the livingroom floor. This dumbell kind of looks like it could be modern art.  The pattern comes from Tara over at Tara’s Knits.

    Second, is a nice tutorial for these wonderful ducky dog toys. You can use the pattern to make a mallard & a duckling, as shown, or any bird you can dream up. This pattern comes from Ever Green Knits. She has other free patterns and makes some lovely things.

    Third, is a tutorial for a tug toy. It has details for a short & a long version.  You could make a nifty one using variegated yarn.