150 Yr. Old Pet Tortoise Butch Missing

Update: Butch is home!

Butch the desert tortoise is missing and it’s feared he was stolen. He has been cared for by two generations of the Carle family of Cupertino, CA and before that he belonged to a third person.  This desert tortoise is a beloved member of the family who hibernates in a toolbox in the couple’s closet and has an independent streak.  The family thinks Butch was taken while Penny Carle was in the hospital.

I grew up with rescued box turtles and I have to agree that they can have personalities.  My parents still have one named Big Momma who is very sweet and is at least 30 yrs. old.

2 Replies to “150 Yr. Old Pet Tortoise Butch Missing”

  1. Sad,
    Many people cannot realize how a tortoise can come to recognize the people in its life…nor do they know the joy a tortoise seems to show when you approach holding a favorite food.
    We also had a tortoise ‘go missing’ some 25 years ago. But we hope he’s happy either in the wild or at someone’s home.
    Best of luck at finding Butch.

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