Adopt A Black Cat Or Dog Part II

Raven completing the window decoration after having knocked a fake raven off the windowsill I’ve written before about reasons to adopt a black dog or adopt a black cat. And why they especially need to be adopted—they are the most overlooked in shelters. Raven was our first reason to adopt a black cat. Crow is… Continue Reading

George The Jack Russell Memorialized

Sweet little George lost his life defending children from two pit bulls earlier this year in New Zealand. The community was so touched, they erected a statue this week to honor the brave Jack Russel Terrier.

Animal Wall Paper Stickers

There are some great wall paper stickers out there. Now, don’t you go running for the exits! These are not the surface designs that were popular in the 60’s & 70’s. Nor are they cutesy kids stuff. These are from hip designers in Denmark, France, and the U.S. These cats are pretty fun. There’s also… Continue Reading

DIY: Make A Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post

I don’t know if it’s because Fall is here, but I’m in a Do-It-Yourself mood. Here’s an excellent tutorial on how to build your own sisal scratching post for your feline friends. There are lots of really useful tips and clear instructions. (Update: The creator of this tutorial suggested googling for 3/8 Brazilian sisal rope… Continue Reading

Connecticut Dog Given Order of Protection

Riley, with Brian and Mary Ann Reynolds and daughter Briana Carilli. After allegedly kicking her ex-husband’s six month old dog with both feet, Cassandra Reynolds was ordered to have no contact with the Golden Retriever, Riley. The judge issued the order of protection under Connecticut’s new law called “An Act Concerning the Protection of Pets… Continue Reading