DIY: Make A Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post

scratchingpost1copy.jpgI don’t know if it’s because Fall is here, but I’m in a Do-It-Yourself mood. Here’s an excellent tutorial on how to build your own sisal scratching post for your feline friends. There are lots of really useful tips and clear instructions. (Update: The creator of this tutorial suggested googling for 3/8 Brazilian sisal rope to find good sisal for your post.)

You can also apply much of the advice, such as recommended base size for a post, to making a cat tree—check out these other posts on how to build your own full cat tree and how to build this monster cat tree. Your kitties will love you and you’ll love how much money you can save!

7 Replies to “DIY: Make A Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post”

  1. Here’s a project I might be able to handle. The bedroom post is becoming a mite weary. Maybe a refurb on it??

  2. Rod, thanks for catching that! Don’t know what happened, but it’s fixed now.

    If you build one, please let me know how it turns out!

  3. Do I have to use sisal rope? I bought some manila rope. Will that be ok or will it hurt the kitties paws?

  4. Manilla rope looks fine. My only concern would be how heavily it’s oiled. If it smells fumy, I’d let it air out somewhere dry with good air circulation until it’s not smelly.

  5. Sarah, thanks for referencing my article on making a sisal rope scratching post (in HOWTODOTHINGS.COM). Although I always want folks to buy the finished project from me, I do frequently cross paths with the DIY-er (who wil be doing this herself regardless of what I want!). I agree with your concern about manila rope. It is heavily oiled & frequently stinks up the place. Googling 3/8 Brazilian sisal rope will produce results on where to find this preferred material.

  6. Tommy Catman is on Facebook, and he is on Twitter @NewHopeCatman ,

    Best of luck to you handy people.

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