DIY: Super Sturdy Scratching Post From Concrete Form

This is a pretty easy DIY scratching post for your kitties. It’s a little unusual because the column has a wider diameter than most posts. This is not accidental —the creator of the tutorial noticed her cats preferred scratching on things wider than their shoulders.  The post is also extra tall so kitties have lots of room to stretch and it’s weighted with plaster inside so it’s quite stable.  It’s all topped off with a padded perch at the top.

You should be able to find the supplies at a home improvement store—she even provides the parts # for the hardware.  Nice! The author of a different cat post tutorial (linked to bellow) recommends using 3/8″ Brazilian sisal rope because it’s stronger, but more importantly because it’s less heavily oiled than other sisal rope.)  You might also want to try woven sisal which will shorten the time it takes to cover the post.  (I’ve ordered woven sisal from Natural Abode and been very happy with the product, price, shipping, & customer service.  And no, I’m note connected to the company in any way.)

The tools needed aren’t hard to come by either.  You will need:

  • pencil
  • hand saw
  • screw driver
  • drill with 1/8” bit and 1/2” bit
  • bucket
  • stirring stick for plaster
  • mixing bucket for plaster
  • scissors
  • magnet on a string (for fishing out tools and screws that you drop into the tube)

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DIY: Cat Tower That Wraps A Corner

This Mighty Cat Tower is unusual in that it wraps around a corner with an unusual footprint to make it less obtrusive.  What a great idea!  You probably should anchor it to the wall, but if the base is heavy enough maybe it wouldn’t need it.

The post is short on instructions, but has a good list of materials.  And there’s a video to teach your kitties how to make the most of their cat tower.  Check out previous posts on building:

Important Note: the author of on of the Cat Tree tutorial recommends using 3/8″ Brazilian sisal rope because it’s stronger, but more importantly because it’s less heavily oiled than other sisal rope.

DIY: Make A Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post

scratchingpost1copy.jpgI don’t know if it’s because Fall is here, but I’m in a Do-It-Yourself mood. Here’s an excellent tutorial on how to build your own sisal scratching post for your feline friends. There are lots of really useful tips and clear instructions. (Update: The creator of this tutorial suggested googling for 3/8 Brazilian sisal rope to find good sisal for your post.)

You can also apply much of the advice, such as recommended base size for a post, to making a cat tree—check out these other posts on how to build your own full cat tree and how to build this monster cat tree. Your kitties will love you and you’ll love how much money you can save!