DIY: Cat Tower That Wraps A Corner

This Mighty Cat Tower is unusual in that it wraps around a corner with an unusual footprint to make it less obtrusive.  What a great idea!  You probably should anchor it to the wall, but if the base is heavy enough maybe it wouldn’t need it.

The post is short on instructions, but has a good list of materials.  And there’s a video to teach your kitties how to make the most of their cat tower.  Check out previous posts on building:

Important Note: the author of on of the Cat Tree tutorial recommends using 3/8″ Brazilian sisal rope because it’s stronger, but more importantly because it’s less heavily oiled than other sisal rope.

2 Replies to “DIY: Cat Tower That Wraps A Corner”

  1. I loved this. Loved seeing the cats climbing up the stand. Older cats would have a problem with it. I would be cautious with older cats that they might fall off. Great for the young kittens though.

  2. I am wondering what materials you used for this project and the directions. I think my cat would like this, but have idea how to go about making one.

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