Friday Fun: Oh, Crap!

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when an inflatable pile of dog poop the size of a house breaks loose from its moorings, travels 200 yards taking out power lines and breaking a greenhouse window before coming to rest at a children’s home. The sculpture, entitled Complex Shit, by Paul McCarthy, was… Continue Reading

Dog Guards Owner After Suicide


More news of a remarkable dog. Cash the German Shepherd guarded Jake Baysinger for 6 weeks after his owner committed suicide. Investigators believe the dog protected the body from scavengers and survived on mice and rabbits. Cash was thin and dehydrated, but was otherwise in good shape. She’s back at home with her family.

Dog Saves Baby

An Argentine dog named China apparently rescued an abandoned, premature human baby by placing it with her own puppies in their den. The baby is fine, but China isn’t enjoying all the attention. What a good momma!