Cats + Women = Social Partners

Discovery News has a really interesting article on a new study about our relationship with cats. The researchers determined that cats and their owners strongly influenced each other, such that they were each often controlling the other’s behaviors… They also found that cats initiate interactions with their female owners more often than their male owners and women… Continue Reading

The Cats’ House 猫の家

cathousejp6 copy

The Cats’ House is an incredible feline playground that is home to 16 cats, 5 dogs, and their very kind humans.  This cat friendly house has been done with a Japanese aesthetic—exposed wood, simple lines, minimal ornamentation.  I love it!

Noble The Dog

Canine Assistants and Milk Bone partnered on Facebook to follow the progress of a golden retriever named Noble as he went from puppy to service dog.   Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing service dogs, companion dogs, & seizure alert dogs to those who need them. Well, Noble is all grown up now and has… Continue Reading