Loyal Dog Stays With Canine Companion

When a passerby saw the black lab staying near her dog friend who had been struck and killed in traffic, he set up orange cones to warn motorists and filmed the remarkable dog while waiting for help to arrive.  The black lab, now named Grace, remained by her friend’s side despite the heavy traffic.  She… Continue Reading

Update: Dog Saves Dog On Freeway

Sadly, there is no real chance of finding the amazing dog that risked its own life to haul an badly injured dog to safety. The event actually happened in March.  And unfortunately the injured dog died. Like many/most countries, Chile isn’t an easy place to be a dog.   It’s estimated there are 220,000 stray dogs… Continue Reading

Translation Of Dogs Saves Dog News Story

I found a translation of what the newscaster is saying in the video of the dog risking its own life to save the life of a dog injured on a Chilean freeway. These images seen from the surveillance cameras show a very common situation with our overpopulated highways. It is normal for us to see… Continue Reading

Dog Saves Dog On Freeway

All of this was captured on security cameras in Chile.  First, one dog is struck by a car on a busy freeway.  Then another dog appears and begins to haul the injured dog to safety on the side of the road.  Amazing and kind of heartbreaking to see the dog’s persistence while no one stops… Continue Reading