Thrift Store Finds


You can save some real money on pet supplies using thrift stores and garage sales.  Remember, don’t getting anything that’s broken or questionable.  Don’t save money at the expense of your pets.    Here are some of things I’ve spotted:

  1. pet crates (This is probably the best bargain you’ll find.  Crates can be pretty pricey ($20-150), but I see them in all sizes pretty regularly at my favorite thrift store.)
  2. bird cages
  3. glass aquariums
  4. ceramic or stainless steel pet bowls
  5. Habitrail components
  6. towels (for baths or bedding)
  7. kitty condos
  8. storage bins with lids (for storing toys or to make your own awesome litterbox)

We Like: Plush Leo With Stuffies

plushleostuffieThe Plush Leo from Canine Genius is a great toy.  It’s a plush puzzle toy shaped kind of like a bowling pen and comes with 4 small plush toys(each with a squeaker) that you stuff inside it.  It has three openings for the smaller toys to come out.  Give to your dog and let him have fun figuring out how to get the toys out.

Once Saffron got the hang of it, we started stuffing as many of her small toys as we could fit in it.  Sometimes she investigates it carefully from the outside finding every squeaker in the toys inside.  Other times she pulls them out one at a time.  And when she’s being beasty, she shakes it for all she’s worth and sends the toys inside flying.

It’s held up well.  It should be noted, Saffron is pretty easy on her toys.  And I’ve washed it with no problems.

Check out this previous post on the Brain Twister also from Canine Genius.  It’s another favorite in our house.

DIY: Oil Cloth Dog Raincoat

oilclothraincoatIt’s still raining here in the Pacific Northwest.  So this post is trying to look on the bright side, find the silver lining, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.  If the weather still stinks where you are, check out this fun Oil Cloth Dog Raincoat.

It’s pretty simple.  You’ll need to make your own pattern according to your dog’s measurements or you could use this pattern with a collar or this pattern. You don’t have to do the rickrack and I don’t think I’d put a treat pouch on it, lest it drive your dog nuts to have treats follow her around yet be out of reach.  It would be like having a cupcake stuck to the middle of your back, you know?

You can also make your own travel bowl using oil cloth.

Fire At Seattle Animal Shelter


First off, the good news is no animals or people were injured in the fire. However, the shelter did lose their commercial dryer and all the supplies in the laundry room.  They would really appreciate donations of:

  • blankets
  • towels
  • cat toys
  • dog toys

Take your donations to 15th West – one mile south of the Ballard Bridge at 2061 15th Ave West, Seattle, WA 98119.  You can also make a monetary donation.

We’re very fortunate here to have a pretty progressive animal shelter here in Seattle.  A new director, Don Jordan, came in 1996 with a plan to move beyond simple animal control & public safety.  The Seattle Animal Shelter began focusing on animal welfare too with extensive animal fostering, adoptions doubling, over 600 volunteers, low cost spay/neuter for everyone.  As I understand it, they’re are working to make Seattle a no-kill community.