DIY: Cat Wall

Remember that nifty modular Catswall from last week?  I was thinking it reminded me of something I’d seen before—Ikea’s Mandal headboard.  It comes with 6 shelves you can move around as you like.  Or you could get 2 headboards for even more options.  Someone over on IkeaHackers used part of a bedframe they found and some Lack shelves to make their own version.  You could make your own piece like the headboard, but for $150, I’d just get the Ikea version.

I’recommend modifying the shelves by attaching sisal, sea grass, or carpet so your kitties have traction.  I’m thinking hot glue would be the best way to do this since it might be hard to get staples or tacks through the melamine on the shelves without cracking it.  I love this idea and just might put one up in our guest room.  Too cool!

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