DIY: 2 Hidden Entryway Cat Litter Boxes

Litter boxes are the one bad thing about having a cat, but these 2 different hidden DIY cat litter boxes are a definite improvement.  They’re based on modifications of Ikea furniture, so they’re pretty simple and they can double as a low table or bench.

The first project uses a Besta shelving unit, which was also used for this DIY bunny hutch.  For the hidden litter box, they cut a doorway through the inner divider and applied contact paper to the inner compartment for easy clean-up.  I think I might put something more durable like metal sheeting.


 The second project uses a bench no longer sold by Ikea, but the Stuva bench looks like it would work.  Instead of a door, there is a drawer to keep everything hidden and tidy.  You’ll have to cut an opening through the bench and the drawer.  And I think I’d also line the drawer with metal sheeting.

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