Dog Stuck In Car Grill Survives

A cute little poodle mix is one lucky dog even though she did get hit by a car.  The driver saw her run into traffic and hit the breaks.  He thought he’d missed her when he didn’t couldn’t see the dog in the road behind him, so he kept driving.   He didn’t see the dog because she was wedged in his car’s grill.  After another driver alerted him, he drove to a police station where the dog was removed almost unharmed.  She really only had a concussion and a bruised bladder.  Amazing!

The sweet dog is microchipped, but her information isn’t up-to-date.  Don’t forget to keep your pets’ contact information current!  I need to double-check our furred ones’ contact info. myself and make sure the phone numbers are current.

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  1. I will take her if her owner is not found. She is a sweetheart. I live in Wisconsin.

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