DIY: Make A Filtering Pet Fountain


Want a filtered pet fountain, but want to cut costs? Here are great instructions complete with photos on how to make your own filtering pet fountain. It doesn’t look fancy, but I doubt you can beat the price. And it looks a lot easier to clean than store bought fountains.

So, why a filtering water bowl? Cats are instinctively drawn to running water. That’s why so many cats like to drink from the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth. Don’t want your cats licking the faucet where you get your water? A pet fountain will do the job. Kidney failure is pretty common in older cats and moving water is usually a good way to increase their water consumption. Most cats will benefit from increased water consumption.

I think dogs also prefer running water, which is why so many will drink from the toilet if given the chance. A pet fountain will help stop that. Plus, dogs are a lot messier than cats and the filter helps keep a dog’s bowl cleaner. Just like humans are supposed to drink a certain amount of water a day, dogs also benefit from a healthy level of water consumption.

I know a lot of reptiles are also drawn to running water and need a clean water source to maintain good health. When I was a kid, the rescued box turtles we had in our backyard would come running when they sensed the sprinkler was on. So don’t forget your other pets.

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  1. My home-made fountain is just awesome. My dad made it for me and I LOVE it! My cats like it better than the commercial fountain. It’s a little noisier, but I think it’s going to be cheaper, with more water flow and definitely easier to clean. My dad even put a bracket on the filter so it would fit more snug against the bowl (he added velcro so I could adjust the bracket.)

  2. i just made one today 39.99 between filter and big plastic bowl. hit me up will send you a pics

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