Valentine’s Day Dog Toys

I love unusual dog toys. Of course it has to be something Saffron likes, but after that I like them to be something nice to look at or something fun. Valentine’s Day means there are some pretty clever toys out there. Here are some of my favorites. (Note: I haven’t researched lowest prices on these and links don’t mean I endorse that company.)

vday3cupcakes1.jpg vdaychocolates.jpg vdaychocpastry.jpg vdayrosetoy.jpg vdayheartchoc.jpg vdaylollipop.jpg vdaycar.jpg

And for those of you with dogs who are tougher on their toys, here are some fun alternatives that can stand up to some chewing.

vdaystrawberry2.jpg vdaypinkbone.jpg vdaytuufheart.jpg

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